$25/category for 15 days
Includes up to four full-color images (.png, .gif, or .jpg up to 500KB)
Online ads go up when payment is processed
Community discount: SMU email addresses receive one online category FREE!



We accept print classifieds until 10 a.m. two business days before the issue comes out.

Line ads (text only)
$20/issue up to 25 words
Additional words $0.20/word

Optional formatting
Center entire ad $ 0.50
Bold first five words $ 0.50
Border around ad $ 0.50
ALL CAPS $ 0.50
Reverse text color (white text with black background) $ 0.75

Multi-run discounts:
2 issues 25% off
3 issues 30% off
4+ issues 57% off


Display ads (pictures)
$125/issue black and white 3.35″ x 2.58″ space
Design team may ask for high-resolution images

Optional Formatting
$295/issue full color

Multi-run discounts (on space only):
2 issues 20% off
5 issues 32% off
11+ issues 40% off