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Work for The Daily Campus

All SMU students — regardless of major or classification — are encouraged to apply for available staff positions (please link “ positions” to the Job Descriptions page) within SMU Student Media (The Daily Campus & by completing and submitting the application. Staff positions are on a semesterly basis and new staff members are interviewed/hired at the end of every regular academic semester. Paid positions are available for writers, editors, photographers, designers/graphic artists and more.

Reporting for The Daily Campus

Students interested in reporting for a specific section should contact the appropriate section editor directly to apply for a contributing writer or staff writer position.

Contributing writers are unpaid and may write as often or as little as they wish. Staff writers are paid and required to produce at least two articles per week. There are a limited number of staff writer positions available each semester.

The majority of reporting is done through writing, although opportunities for video, audio and data-visualization reporting are available to interested students.

Both contributing and staff writers are required to attend weekly writers’ meetings, at a time set by the section editor.

Interested in becoming a staff photographer?

Contact the photo editor directly.

Other ways to get involved with The Daily Campus

Paid positions are also available in design, copy-editing and website management. Contact the Editor in Chief for more information.

Want to become a section editor?

Section editors are chosen through an open application process at the end of each semester. The application process includes a required interview with the Editor in Chief.

All positions are paid. For most positions, previous experience is preferred.

Apply online!

Interested in becoming Editor in Chief?

Editor in Chief is chosen through an open application process conducted by the Student Media Company Board of Directors at the end of each semester. The process includes a rigorous application and a required interview with the Board of Directors.

This is a paid position. Applicants must be enrolled full-time or have minimum hours to graduate. Undergraduate applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Graduate applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Contact Advisor Jay Miller at for more information.

Ad Sales Team

Members of the award-winning advertising team at The Daily Campus develop client relationships and manage client accounts while working flexible hours on campus. We always have room for strong advertising sales representatives in our fast-paced advertising department. When you are ready to work hard and develop skills that will help set you apart as you move into your professional career, send your resume and cover letter to

Current openings on the Ad Sales Team:

Sales Representative/Account Manager

Production Team

The production team creates pages on which editors will place content, designs the advertising layout for each issue, creates original graphics and advertisements, and puts the finished paper together before sending it to press. A strong background in Adobe’s Creative Suite comes in handy for any production position, but we are willing to train team players who will prioritize the work. Students who come in without a layout or design background develop skills in Indesign, Acrobat and Illustrator rather quickly and leave significantly more marketable in the production world.

Current openings on the Production Team:

Nighttime Production Coordinator