InCinR8 provides intensive training

There is a new fitness studio attracting the attention of Dallas residents and SMU students, called InCinR8. The studio holds classes where participants can engage in a full 50-minute class of intense interval training. The exercise classes implement the 8 Method which is “intervals of optimal aerobic activity [to] incinerate fat,” thus the studio being called IncinR8.

Located in The West Village in Uptown, InCinR8 was created by Danny Connolly, “elite” professional trainer and sport sciences expert. Connolly has been featured as a high-profile fitness specialist in Seventeen Magazine, Grand Luxe Magazine and even on the hit television series “Big Rich Texas.”

Connolly comes from a background of training in several sports clubs in Dallas and Los Angeles. His key to health success is understanding the “physiology of exercise” and using interval training to “tone, shape and define exact areas.”

The 8 Method InCinR8 involves interchanging short intervals of high intensity fitness using treadmills, stretching, weights and Pilates. Used by Olympic athletes, the 8 Method “represents a pinnacle of achievement from being in the fitness industry for over 20 years.”

The classes are anything but low-key and push the trainee to new limits. The studio holds classes everyday at different levels and engaging specific target areas. The greatest thing about IncinR8 is the upbeat music and pump-up spirit of the classes.

Dana Edwards, InCinR8 fan and SMU student, loves the classes for their energizing atmosphere and the instructor’s motivation techniques. “From playing volleyball, I like working out and having someone there to push me to work harder,” said Edwards. “I like the satisfying feeling after working hard for
an hour.”

The classes are available everyday of the week and are at completely affordable prices. The studio even offers discounts for SMU students.

InCinR8 is a great way to get the results of having a personal trainer but not have to pay the immense costs. Also, the classes are fun to take with friends or colleagues looking for a positive and encouraging fitness environment. Most importantly, InCinR8 is the perfect way to tone and get the perfect body for spring break. 

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