At Celebration of Lights, students give back through Angel Tree


Feeling the love of the holiday season, smiling students delivered presents to the SMU Angel Tree Monday during the Celebration of Lights in front of Dallas Hall.

The Salvation Army started the Angel Tree program to allow people an opportunity to share with less fortunate children and senior citizens.

The SMU Student Foundation decided this was a great way for students, teachers and parents to give back to the community.

“We wanted to give SMU students the opportunity to directly share the spirit of Christmas with the less fortunate,” said Kat Thompson, the student involvement chair of the Campus Events Committee.

There were over 60 children available for sponsorship through the program. People who decided to donate were assigned a specific child and given their wish list, along with clothing and shoe sizes.

Student Foundation recommended no less than $20 be spent per child, as to make the child’s Christmas very special.

The program ran for three weeks, during which people had time to go out and shop for their assigned children.

Presents were dropped off Monday and placed on the Angel Tree sled.

David Lee, Student Foundation’s Director of Finance, explained the importance of this charity.

“These might be the only presents these children get for Christmas. Without this program, these children might not have felt the love of the holiday season,” he said.

“This is a great way to feel the spirit of unity on SMU campus and, in the process, make someone’s wish come true,” said Jhoanna Garcia, carrying an armful of presents and accompanied by one of her Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority sisters, had this to say as she dropped of her gifts at the Angel Tree last night.

SMU senior Jenny Smith agreed.

“It’s such a good opportunity to give back. Being at SMU for four years, you realize how fortunate you are,” she said.

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