Ford to sell alcohol this fall

Some people believe alcohol sales will increase student attendance at home games. (Courtesy of SMU News and Communications)

This fall, for the first time since its opening in 2000, alcohol will be sold at Gerald J. Ford Stadium during football games.

The decision was made in an effort to increase attendance at games and fill as many of the stadium’s 32,000 seats as possible.

Many believe that alcohol sales will encourage students and alumni to leave the boulevard sooner and cheer on their Mustangs in person, rather than watching the game from their tents on the lawn or not at all.

Alcohol sales were introduced at basketball games in Moody Coliseum in January, and so far, the results have been positive.

“We were deliberate in setting the plan for Moody, and it was safe and successful,” said SMU Athletics’ Brad Sutton. “This process will also be carefully designed and vetted before we roll it out.”

There are benefits and disadvantages to consider, but to junior Elliot Bouillion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

“After seeing the positive reaction that we had at Moody, I feel like this will bring more fans to the game and promote a healthier gaming style by having more support from the student body and alumni,” he said.

Junior Noelle Hunter, another supporter of the decision, recognizes the problems that may arise in the fall.

“It could also cause problems with people being drunk in public,” she said. “People may go too far.”

Sarah Bennett, a 2011 SMU graduate, believes that raucousness is nothing new in a college football stadium.

“Some people may be concerned about rowdiness at games,” said Bennett, “but the people who already go to games are the passionate ones, so I’m not too concerned about it.”

Ford Stadium will be selling alcohol Sept. 20 during the season’s first home game against Texas A&M.;

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