Big D: Bishop Arts District’s one-of-a-kind sweet shop

Tobacco, whisky, black garlic and mushrooms are not ingredients that typically come to mind when you think of chocolate. But the Bishop Arts District isn’t your typical Dallas neighborhood either.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is a boutique chocolate shop that opened in 2009. It’s located at 408 West 8th St., just off of Bishop Avenue in Oak Cliff—a neighborhood that owner Katherine Clapner agrees is a perfect fit for her “funky artisan dark chocolate.”

Between the chocolate, fudge, truffles and syrup (cleverly named “Break Up Potion” and “Love Potion”), shoppers with a sweet tooth can’t go wrong.

As a dark chocolate-lover myself, I suggest trying the shop’s “Puro and Olive” which is made with 74% San Dominican and black olive salt, or “Indian Rose,” a sweet chocolate with rose-petal jam and marzipan. I know, I know, they may sound strange, but the mixture of flavors is like a gourmet party for your taste buds.

One of the most popular items on the menu is chocolate-covered bacon. Why did know one think of it before—of course mixing chocolate with everyone’s favorite salty food would be a hit!

And, occasionally, the shop features sangria drinks and ice cream, with flavors like blueberry-jasmine marshmallow, rice milk-almond and huckleberry beet.

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