Deadlines for summer programs approaching

Many students are wondering what to do over the summer break. Some will relax, but others might want to pick up a few classes, go abroad, or maybe get an internship.

Kathy Rowe, summer school coordinater for SMU Abroad, SMU-in-Dallas and SMU-in-Taos, is organizing a kick-off program to help students decide what they want to do.

Undergraduate students who want information about summer school options can stop by the flagpole between Clements Hall and Umphrey Lee between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. today.

“The flagpole event gets our program out into one of the main crossroads of our university campus where we talk to students, give away summer-related bling and goodies and answer questions that students might have about our unique summer programs,” said   Mike Adler, SMU-in-Taos executive director.

Rowe said there would be representatives from all three summer programs, give-away’s, free hot dogs and water. In anticipation of a large crowd, she has ordered 350 hot dogs.

The event will be held before spring break so that students and their parents can consider the provided information during the break.  Picking up the fliers and brochures will not take much time, Rowe said, as the kick-off is meant to target students as they walk between classes.

If the kick-off is at an inconvenient time for you, don’t worry—mailers are also sent to parents with information about students’ summer options.

“Interested students should stop by and pick up information and applications,” said Suellen Turner, SMU-in-Taos program director. “Even students who haven’t begun to think about summer school should stop by.”

Adler said he encourages all students to come by because it often takes a lot of planning to participate in any of these educational programs.

One perk for students may be the price of summer school. Rowe said the cost of summer school has not risen since 2007.

“Participating in educational opportunities off of the main campus is consistently described by our students as a life-changing experience,” Adler said.

Enrollment for SMU summer programs starts after spring break, and the May term application for SMU-in-Taos is due today.

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