SMU celebrates the life of Vice President for Student Affairs, Pamela D. Anthony


Photo credit: Mollie Mayfield

McFarlin auditorium was filled with hugs and laughter Feb. 1 as SMU students and staff celebrated the life of Vice President of Student Affairs, Pamela D. Anthony. Anthony passed away after a long battle with cancer Jan. 17.

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President R. Gerald Turner addressed the crowd, recognizing that Anthony will leave a lasting impression on the Hilltop.

Friends and coworkers of Anthony showed remembrance of her and the impact she made at SMU. SMU’s Student Affairs Trustee Committee Chair Woman Kelly Hoglund Compton said Anthony saw what SMU had to offer. When she first moved to Dallas many saw her as making an entrance to what the city also had to offer. Compton said staying connected gave Anthony purpose even during the hard times.

Association of Black Students member Marcus McNeil told the crowd that Anthony had a reputation of being a diva. Laughter instantly broke out as everyone remembered her outgoing personality. McNeil described her personality as graceful, elegant and full of class.

Anthony was known as being the greatest miracle to calm the water between faculty and staff members. Her dear friend and SMU faculty member, Maria Dixon Hall said she loved the staff’s children that she overlooked and called them her little Mustangs. Hall and Anthony had a continuous joke of who gets to be around head football coach Chad Morris the most, and Anthony always had the most visits with him. Hall told a story when she would visit her friend and if she ever thought about what will happen to her life in the future.

“We never talked about what will happen next, but Pam always said, ‘You’ll be there with me,'” Hall said.

SMU students and faculty at Dr. Pamela D. Anthony’s memorial service. Photo credit: Mollie Mayfield

President Turner closed the memorial by reflected on all that was in remembrance of Anthony. Laughter filled the room when he told the story how she always wore spiked heels even though she would be on her feet for a majority of the day. President Turner made his final regards for the SMU staff and faculty to continue to honor her by serving the students.

“The flower has been picked, but the petals remain forever,” Turner said.

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