Students create charity organization for kids

College life typically includes studying, partying and sleeping. While most students are enjoying the luxuries of college, Adina Salehi and Mica Odom have been busy chartering their own non-profit organization, Care For Kids.

Salehi, a senior psychology major, and Odom, a junior psychology major, chartered this organization, that serves the Dallas area, on Feb. 1.

“We raise money through special events for other non-profit children’s organizations ,” Salehi said.

Soon after Care for Kids was founded, senior Amy Wiborg joined the team. Wiborg, a senior corporate communications and public affairs major, wanted to get involved and offer her public relations skills.

Two events have already been planned this year to benefit children. The first will be a school supply drive at CC’s Coffee House on Hillcrest and will take place on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. The second event is a concert on April 30 at the Gypsy Tea Room. The concert will feature four bands: Chomsky, Sorta, Tall and The Sparrows.

“I’m really excited about the lineup,” Odom said. “Our headlining band, Chomsky, won Best Act Overall at the 2002 Dallas Observer Music Awards.”

Care for Kids will be selling tickets for the concert next week in Hughes-Trigg. Tickets range from $15-20 and can be purchased using Pony money.

The proceeds from the concert will be split between Bryan’s House and Heart House, which are both based in Dallas.

Bryan’s House dedicates its services to children and families affected by the HIV virus. It also provides medical care and 24-hour support to families in need. Heart House provides after-school programming for low-income and at-risk children. The non-profit organization’s goal is to increase the children’s academic acomplishments and urge them to become productive, integral members of society.

Next year, Care for Kids will be expanding its services to non-profit organizations in Miami and New York City.

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