Online Policy

These policies are intended to clarify and expand on portions of the complete Terms of Use Agreement.

Comment Policy

The Daily Campus encourages its readers to comment on stories. In order to keep participation and online commentary on interesting, enjoyable and respectful, the Online Editor asks that you review and adhere to the following rules before posting comments:

1. You may not submit content that: -Abuses, discriminates or insults others by using gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference, disability, etc.

-Is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit.

-Violates the privacy of others and contains personal information such as phone numbers or mailing addresses.

-Is under false pretense. This includes submitting content that impersonates individuals not considered to be public figures.

2. Spam will not be tolerated.

3. Readers are encouraged to only post links if they are relevant to the topic. Comments with links that do not apply to the topic at hand may not get posted.

By submitting content, you are consenting to these rules and guidelines. If you fail to follow these guidelines, The Daily Campus reserves the right to delete any comments that violate the comment policy. You understand that The Daily Campus does not exclusively endorse any of the content found in comment sections. The Daily Campus cannot and will not certify comment reliability or authenticity. If a reader sees a comment containing inaccurate information, the reader is encouraged to comment and correct the inaccurate information as necessary.

The comments section is a place for discussion. The views expressed are those of the writer alone and do not in any way reflect the views of The Daily Campus, its staff, the Student Media Company, Inc., or Southern Methodist University.

We will never remove comments because of political or ideological viewpoints. Comments should NOT be used to contact The Daily Campus regarding event coverage or other inquiries. Any inquiries should be sent to the author’s e-mail or the relevant staff member. Inquiries can also be sent through¬†the Web site.

Archive Policy

The Daily Campus does not remove content, including but not limited to articles, columns, editorials, photos and letters to the editor, from online archives once the content has been published in any format, though all final decisions rest with the editor in chief. The Daily Campus also has no control over the ranking in commercial search engines, like Google.

Updates or corrections may be added if the material is factually inaccurate, but original content will not be removed. In the event of a correction, a note detailing the date and time of the change will be included.

Procedure: To make a complaint that archived content is inaccurate, contact the editor in chief via e-mail at with the following information:

-Name, telephone number and e-mail address

-The URL address of the content in question

-The specific content that is inaccurate and an explanation of how the information is inaccurate

In the case of content published more than one year ago, the complaintant must provide reasonable proof to the editor that the content in question is no longer accurate. For example, a copy of expungement papers should be provided in case any criminal charges are dropped. If published more than a year ago, contested quotes are highly unlikely to be amended without written or audio documentation.

If the contested content was published less than a year ago, normal internal procedures for checking the material’s accuracy will apply and you may be asked to provide written documentation.

The request will be reviewed and checked by the editor and if the editor determines it to be valid, an update or correction will be posted.