Designers combine runway with feminism

By Merrit Stahle

The sartorial story of 2017 is feminist fashion.


The “F” word (feminism) was featured full frontal throughout the January 2017 Women’s March on Washington in the largest female anti-Trump protest to date. Clothing with “The Future is Female” was worn with pride along with the bright pink cat-eared “pussyhat”.


Never before in history have the fashionistas met the feminists in such a significant way. Gone are the days of the powerful political females belittling the insignificant work of designers and stylists. These two groups have formed an alliance which acknowledges the depth and breadth of each group’s ability to reach all women.

T-shirts with political statements hit the runway in the fall of 2016 when Dior’s first female artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri sent her model down the runway in a cotton t-shirt stating “We Should All Be Feminists.” The moment was posted most on Instagram out of all those in the entire show.

To reinforce the sentiment, Beyonce’s “Flawless” soundtrack which features the famous words of New York Times bestselling author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie played in the background. Dior’s famous T-shirt is available for about $700; you can also purchase a copy from an Etsy artist for around $15. This is one time I will encourage women to buy the copy. It is the sentiment and not the label which bears the importance today.

Now is the time for women to support each other. The pantsuit versus the swimsuit is over. Intelligent articulate women are more than capable of determining what is appropriate to wear in any given environment. Share your sentiment about feminism by pairing one of these political t-shirts with jeans, a tulle ballerina skirt or bikini bottoms.

The point is that the choice is yours. The time is NOW. May your feminism be fierce, and your fashion be fearless!

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