ACL Weekend Two brings same charisma but more rain

Some Austin City Limits artists may have recycled their outfits for round two of the Fall Break favorite but the music sounded just as good. The weather didn’t quite hold up, turning Zilker Park into a veritable mud pit. Once the slipping and sliding was over, the weekend turned out to be incredible, with cooler temperatures and a killer line-up to boot.

Biggest surprise


Mixing slow jams, guitar riffs, and heavy bass beats, this DJ sampled some seriously old school music. In the type of music that doesn’t lead to dancing but leans heavily towards head bobbing, Gramatik made the best of his hour set, leaving everyone from older adults to high schoolers in the crowd smiling and content. It wasn’t a mind-blowing show, but it surely was a happy surprise.

Biggest disappointment

Iggy Azalea

Granted, it may be a result of the high number of high school sophomores packed around me like sardines, but Iggy wasn’t up to snuff. She seemed bored and only sang over about half of the words in her songs, pulling out all the stops for her quickfire rap. Still, it was far from the quality on her records.

Best food

P. Terry’s

A local staple, the burger joint is top priority for ACL and Austin visitors alike. Luckily, most of the food at the festival is under $10 but P. Terry’s is by far the best bang for your buck. At around $5 a burger, the special sauce makes this simple treat a delight.

Low-key killed it


In what was one of the best shows of the weekend, the electro-rock duo brought an incredible amount of charisma to the stage. The banging songs had the whole crowd bobbing and jumping along. Lead singer Sarah Barthel’s main squeeze, Shaun White, even made an appearance in the crowd. Overall, they rocked and shut the whole crowd down.

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