Alt-J took me to Nara

(Courtesy of YouTube)

I was taken to Nara and never want to leave.

Alt-J killed it Wednesday night at South Side Ballroom. Not only did they sound exactly like their albums, but they’re British! Who knew?

They opened with all their hits, “Fitzpleasure”, “Tesselate”, “Taro”, “Matilda” and “Something Good.”

Then they brought us to Nara by transitioning to their “This is All Yours” album with “Arrival in Nara.”

I’m less familiar with this album, but everything Alt-J does is flawless.

The venue was packed with college students, hipsters, old people, young people. Apparently everyone loves Alt-J. “Breezeblocks” was the encore, a true crowd pleaser.

If you weren’t there, go see them. But be prepared for your impending obsession.

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