An interview with “Willy Wonka” himself, Kurt Braunohler

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Known as the “Willy Wonka” of comedians, Kurt Braunohler brings his comedic genius to the Dallas stage Thursday, Sept. 15 at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

While Kurt Braunohler is no stranger to the limelight, having been featured on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel” and “Chelsea Lately” and hosting his own podcast “The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler,to name a few, he had humble beginnings performing street comedy sketches in New York City after graduating with a degree in philosophy from Johns Hopkins University.

His most recent stage in Dallas is set to be filmed for his one-hour comedy show on Comedy Central. His extravagant set performances transcend the stage and continue into his everyday life. This man may quite possibly be the most interesting comedian in the world with titles that range from comedian to skywriter to jet skier.

Ditching the traditional post-graduation job, Braunohler took to the streets of New York to share his witty and outlandish humor. However, it was not until he hit the stage that he realized how much he enjoyed the spotlight. “I want to do this forever,” Braunohler said. It would appear that plenty of people would agree that he does in fact belong on the stage.

According to Braunohler that word “stage” is not limited to a physical stage, but rather the world and environment around him. His most impressive joke came hundreds of feet above the Los Angeles skyline. Braunohler had the joke: “How do I land?” written in the sky by a prop plane. He also likes to use his humor for good and did so by participating in a charity event that involved jet skiing from Chicago to New Orleans to raise money to send 500 goats and 1,000 chickens to families in Africa. The entire event can be viewed on Comedy Central’s website in a web series titled “Roustabout.”

“I do a lot of big performance art,” Braunohler said. It would appear based on his past actions that this statement is an accurate description of exactly what to expect from the larger-than-life comedian.

However, he does occasionally contain his comedy to the physical stage. Braunohler said his main goal for his Dallas show is “all about convincing [the audience] why they shouldn’t trust me.” So it is safe to say that one should expect “a lot of surprises” and “a little absurdity.” When asked what separates the upcoming show from others, he simply and humbly answers: “I’ll be at this show, so that’s amazing.”

All in all, prepare to witness a real-life brainteaser presented by the game maker himself, Kurt Braunohler.

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