“Arrested Development,” “Veronica Mars” return as television’s newest comebacks

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“Arrested Development aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006 and will return in May of 2013. (Courtesy of FanArt.com)

Two shows from the past decade are returning due to strong fan support. FOX’s “Arrested Development” and UPNI/The WB’s “Veronica Mars” will be back on air.

After a six year hiatus, the creator of “Veronica Mars,” Rob Thomas, has been able to resurrect the series with the help of website Kickstarter.com where they raised $3.5 million in under 11 hours.

Kristen Bell plays protagonist “Veronica Mars” in both the television series and in the movie version.

The show aired its season finale in 2007 and featured many well-known actors in the start of their careers such as Max Greenfield of “New Girl,” Leighton Meester of “Gossip Girl,” Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch of “Glee,” Amanda Seyfried, Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation” and Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain.

It is planned to release in the beginning of 2014.
Thomas noted in a recent interview with Huffington Post, “I can’t say there were any points where I completely gave up hope.”

“I probably in my lowest points felt like there was a five percent chance to make it,” Thomas said.

“I never completely lost faith, but there were some bleak moments.” Thomas was offered the position on TV hit “Friday Night Lights” as showrunner.

He decided he would rather keep doing “Veronica Mars” instead.

Clearly this show, these stories and characters have been his most passionate brainchild.

“Arrested Development” is returning by popular demand. 

The show came to an end during their third season in 2006. 

Fans were frustrated and argued for more episodes. 

The requests have been taken seriously and this May the Bluth family will be on Netflix for a 14-episode season. 

The new season will feature flashbacks that include young versions of Lucille Bluth and all of our favorite characters. 

Expect to see Kristen Wiig, Terry Crews, Seth Rogen and Isla Fisher.

What do these two shows have in common?

Both “Veronica Mars” and “Arrested Development” only stayed on the air for three seasons and had a hard time building an audience.

Ironically, Michael Cera who stars in “Arrested Development” was featured in an episode of “Veronica Mars.”
But most importantly, the two shows had a strong fan following that was willing to push network executives until they got more of what they wanted. 

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