Brown Bag Dance Series returns to SMU

Courtesy of Twitter

The other day I was asked to cover a story on Brown Bag. Initially I was confused. How much can you write about a brown bag? That doesn’t seem very interesting. Then it was clarified that Brown Bag is SMU’s annual dance series held March 2-6 in the Owen Arts Center lobby. It features original performances and choreography from students in the dance program set to select music. And it’s pretty incredible.

I had never been to a dance performance at SMU before so I went in with no idea what to expect, and I was blown away. The dancers were all crisp and fluent in their movements and clearly put their heart into everything they did. The passion they emphasized in their performances was only matched by those around them.

Each piece came together beautifully and from where I was standing, the choreography could’ve been professional. I could tell how much care had been put into choosing music that could accurately represent the message of the dances, and it paid off fantastically.

Furthermore, the actual ability of the dancers was outstanding. The kicks, flips, jumps, and other dance terms that I don’t know were incredible. All I could think was, ‘Wow, I have no idea how that’s actually physically possible.’

The movements the dancers implemented were on another level of impressive. Not only were they perfectly executed, but exactly synchronized as well. There was so much to talk about and I couldn’t have a bad word to say. Except for maybe how uncoordinated it made me feel just watching, but that happens often enough. It was an amazing show and one that I would see again in a second.

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