“By the Waters” melts hearts


On October 19 in SMU Meadows School of the Arts’ proud presentation of “By the Waters,” the by turns delicate and powerful performance was capable of melting even the hardest of hearts. From the touching ballads to the energetic spirituals, audience members were simultaneously given goose bumps and held captive by the unmatchable skill and professionalism displayed by SMU’s choral department. The program included a smorgasbord of pleasing, water-themed songs with genres ranging from African American spirituals to Psalms to American folk music. In this phenomenal performance, Dr. Greg Hobbs masterfully conducted the Meadows Concert Choir while Pamela Elrod Huffman was the expert conductor of both Diva Dolce and Meadows Chorale. Additionally, the event featured David Moran playing a hammered dulcimer and Don Fabian on a soprano saxophone. Overall, the entire production was stunning.

Julia Palagyi, a first-year alto, stated: “Being in choir at SMU has helped me make great friends that have the same passion for music that I do and I love being able to share this experience with them. Our first concert made me proud to be in the SMU choir because we were able to come together as an ensemble and make beautiful music within the first month of school.”

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