Chance the Rapper commands Moody Coliseum’s stage

Photo credit: Smu Tv

Sunday, Southern Methodist University students came out in droves to Moody Coliseum in order to see Chancelor Bennet, a rapidly rising hip-hop star who is better known by his alias, Chance the Rapper. Even before the show’s call time at 8 p.m. the arena was packed with students and members from the surrounding community eagerly anticipating the concert awaiting them.

They were greeted by the first opener, Young and Sick. With a feel good funk vibe, they quickly brought the crowd to their feet and began the night on a strong note.

After a fun set Sweater Beats, an electronic artist with a smooth and unexpected delivery, followed them. Keeping the vibe of the room going, he kept the audience floored and as he left the anticipation was at an all time high.

After a few moments of murmuring from the crowd, the silence was broken by Chance’s signature ad lib. A quick “AGH” from backstage was all the audience needed, and as the crowd went wild Chance ran onto the stage with the gusto of a seasoned performer and began his first song, “Everybody’s Something,” a single
from his breakout mix tape, “Acid Rap.”

From the first word to the last, the crowd was singing along to every word almost as loud as Chance himself. The show progressed smoothly and with each song performed the audience became more and more excited as time went on. Playing through his hits such as “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” “Favorite Song” and “Juice,” Chance gave off the impression that he was having just as much fun as the crowd.

Never letting up on the emphasis for excitement, he only left the stage once, right before his encore. Upon his triumphant return, he proceeded to play a remix of another one of his hits, “Good Ass Intro.” Stopping halfway through however, Chance unplugged his earpiece and stood on the edge of the stage, listening as the crowd continued his song without missing a beat. To finish he joined back in and as everyone finished the show together, he took his bow and left the stadium.

As the crowd funneled back outside the only conversations that could be heard were exclamations of the amazing performance they had all just witnessed and how they couldn’t wait to do it again.

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