Chilly temperatures call for chic outerwear

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Rachael Mackin wears a vintage fur jacket and Julie Amundson wears a black shrug by Michael Kors. (MICHAEL DANSER/The Daily Campus)

Adapting your wardrobe to the ever-changing Texas weather is always challenging. Last week January felt more like May and students donned shorts and tank tops to class. While this week, with temperatures in the teens, students are bundled up in sweaters, scarves and snow boots.

The bitter weather makes it tempting to throw on a random accumulation of just about everything in your closet, but that does not mean you have to pile on whatever unmatched warm clothes you can get your freezing fingers on.

If you do have the desire to venture outside and slide down the ice skating rink that is Bishop Boulevard, then bundle up in one of the season’s biggest trends, fur.

Faux fur is a great alternative to real fur and can currently be found just about everywhere from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21 to Target.

Fur is not just for a swanky night on the town anymore, it is now acceptable to wear touches of fur during the day, even to such casual outings as class.

Wear the trend with neutrals, like the all black looks above, to make the look pop or if you’re really wanting to make a statement pair fur outerwear with a bold solid colored dress.

Go bold within reason though. Avoid looking like Cruella De Vil, stay away from black and white fur mixtures and anything floor length.

Two stylish students take a break during this week’s winter holiday to model the versatile trend. Junior Julie Amundson and senior Rachael Mackin bear the cold in some faux fur fashions on the ice covered baseball field at Sorority Park. From vests, to shawls, to shrugs and full on jackets it’s easy to stay warm by adding a touch of faux fur to your ensemble.

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