Country band aims high with Billy Bob’s appearance

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Country band Shane Smith and the Saints are blazing their way across the country on their current tour. The Texas natives are stopping in Fort Worth for a show at the famous Billy Bob’s. This legendary venue has hosted countless country crooners over the years and the Saints look to continue the tradition.

The show is April 28, and the band couldn’t be more excited. They sat down with Campus Weekly to talk about their music and upcoming show.


Campus Weekly: What made you want to follow music as a profession?

Shane Smith and the Saints: I knew that I wanted to try to write songs when I first heard the lyrics of songs by Adam Carroll, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hayes Carll and many other songwriters at around 19. I had already been learning guitar, but that was the music that made me want to write.

CW: How did you get your start professionally?

SS&S: I started the way most others do. I taught myself to get by on guitar and began trying to write songs around 18. Open mics and songwriting contests followed after that and then a ton of acoustic shows for about two years. The first sign that we might be able to make a career in music was when we signed with Red11 music in Austin, TX for our booking.

CW: “Geronimo” is your second full-length album; do you think your sound has changed at all with the new record?

SS&S: I think our sound has definitely changed, but not necessarily on purpose. It’s just from playing lots of shows and trying to develop something that’s unique. We’ve played a lot of shows over the last few years and there are certain aspects to our sound that were developed after the release of “Coast”; examples of that are the four part harmonies and overall energy of the show.

CW: What’s the best part about going on tour?

SS&S: The people you meet. I would say the most rewarding aspects to touring are the places you see and the people you meet.

CW: Are there any artists you would call inspirations?

SS&S: Definitely. Probably too many to mention, but bands and artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen, Hayes Carll, Townes Van Zandt, and Lord Huron all have completely different sounds, but I take influence from all of them in some way.

CW: Did you ever find it difficult to balance music with other obligations in your life?

SS&S: It’s extremely difficult to find balance. It is a job that can completely consume you, so you have to find a way to make time for your family and personal endeavors.

CW: What is your favorite track off the new album?

SS&S: The track I’m most proud of is probably “Right Side of the Ground.”

CW: How did you end up with the name “Shane Smith & the Saints?”

SS&S: When we started playing full band shows early on, I didn’t want it to be called The Shane Smith Band, so I tried to think of a cool band name. It was first Shane Smith & the Six Gun Saints, and then Judy Hubbard, who was helping manage us at the time, talked me in to shortening it.

CW: What are some tips to aspiring artists?

SS&S: Don’t write lyrics that a 60-year-old version of you
won’t respect. You just might have to sing that song for a long time. Second
guess it if it doesn’t seem honest to yourself and constantly try to develop
your sound and what makes you completely unique.

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