Dallas designer’s spring 2010 collection debuts on runway

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A runway model wears a piece from Dallas designer Prashe Shah’s ethnic Indian collection. The Indian inspired collection hit the runway Friday, Jan. 22 after Society Language debuted. (courtesy Rebeckah Ward )

Ghost Bar, on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel, has one of the best views of downtown Dallas. On Friday night, Dallas fashion designer Prashe Shah lit up the sky with her two-part runway show that unveiled Society Language, her spring 2010 collection of street wear.
Since her start in 2002 Prashe has expanded her line of handbags and accessories to include home and wedding décor, women’s, men’s and children’s fashion. Prashe’s designs are inspired from her Indian heritage and American up-bringing. Her style is a unique blend of both cultures, which she has tagged Prashe-Fusion.

Society Language, which debuted in the first runway show of the night, like Prashe-Fusion is a collection for young, hip women, with a spin that captures her Indian heritage.
The second show consisted of her more traditional and ethnic Indian pieces, such as saris and lenghas.

The anticipation among the crowd was released when the MC of the night, Thais Azevedo, introduced the first show, Society Language. Members of the crowd applauded in approval of pieces and pointed out outfits on the runway that caught their eyes.

Society Language was a host of rich mosaics;bright spring colors, jewels,and stones embellished miniskirts, tank tops and any fabric that hit the white runway. Models were adorned with Prashe accessories, like bangles and handbags. The hair and make-up of the models held true to the extravagant and dramatic style of the runway with teased-out, wild up-do’s and thick, smoky-eyes.

There was a short intermission for the stylists to prep models for the more traditional pieces in the second show, but with bartenders at every bar ready to take an order, music blaring, hookahs for rent on the glass patio and a showcase of hors d’oeuvres, hardly anyone noticed the time lapse.

And Prashe saved the best for last.

Her ethnic, traditional show pulled out all the stops, as models hit the stage with large headpieces, shawls, scarves and ethnic inspired props.

The finale of the show was well-rehearsed, as models circled the runway before Prashe, was joined by her brother and business partner, Pramel Shah, to address the audience on the runway.

This spring Society Language is sure to be a hit on the streets of Dallas and Prashe’s traditional pieces have already made a splash in the wedding realm.

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