Dallas Districts: Places you must see

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Southside contains the Dallas location of Gilley’s, known for its namesake country music star Mickey Gilley. Gilley’s is a fantastic entertainment venue that hosts everything from concerts to weddings. A visit to Gilley’s can include everything from live music to a ride on the mechanical bull to two step dance lessons. This venue offers the perfect opportunity for those that are not native Texans to get a taste of many of the things the state is renowned for; however, it is also a wonderful place for natural-born Texans to celebrate their culture and enjoy a night out. The area is also full of numerous art galleries that have a large variety of art pieces and styles.

Victory Park:

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Victory Park is a sports fan’s dream because it is the home of the game day facilities for both the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and the Dallas Stars hockey team. The stadiums are top of the line and provide the ultimate experience for even the most avid fan. This district spreads over 75 acres and represents all of the finest aspects of Dallas. Attractions in the area range from fabulous shopping to trendy new restaurants.

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The West End: The historic West End is ideal for tourists. One of its most notable attractions is the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to President Kennedy, and the adjacent Dealey Plaza where he was assassinated. Visitors will be able to form their own opinions about the controversial circumstances and theories surrounding the assassination in addition to being able to get a more in depth view at one of the United States’ most beloved leaders. The Old Red Courthouse is also a popular destination because it is a Dallas landmark and also serves as a visitor center where tourists can stop to get their bearings or simply to obtain the inside scoop on all of the best attractions the area has to offer.

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