Favorite Thanksgiving sweets: SMU edition

By Su Hyun Han

Now that it’s the middle of November, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.

Turkey usually takes the center stage during Thanksgiving dinner, but desserts are the perfect, sweet ending to a memorable meal. The SMU Campus Weekly asked SMU students about their favorite Thanksgiving desserts, and some of their least favorites were revealed as well.

Pumpkin pie was the overall favorite, usually store-bought or made at home. But sometimes the Thanksgiving classic can take a wrong turn.

(Photo by Pillsbury)

“My grandma makes pumpkin pie every year,” senior Halle Levitt said. “We ate dinner and we were so full and so excited about the pie. But when we cut it open, it was awful and it turned out that she forgot to add sugar. We called it squash pie and she never lived it down. To this day, we still make fun of her for it.”

Others prefer a variety of Thanksgiving pies. Pecan pie seems to be a second favorite among SMU students.

“I like pecan pie,” first-year Ben Woodruff said. “My grandma also makes pumpkin, pecan and chocolate pie.”

One student swears by the chocolate pie from Costco.

“Our family always gets the chocolate pie from Costco,” said first-year Daniel Rosa. “We also make pumpkin rum cake every Thanksgiving.”

Apple pie is also a winner in the eyes of SMU students.

“I love apple pie,” sophomore Kylie Madry said. “My mom also makes chocolate chip pie every year.”

Cranberry jelly also made the favorite dessert list.

“I love jelly cranberry sauce that is straight out of a can,” sophomore Angela Wang said. “I just need a spoon. It can’t be the solid pieces. It needs to be the jelly.”

But some students have different opinions.

“My mom makes cranberry sauce every year, and she makes me crank it out in a cranberry cranker,” senior Anna Norkett said. “I don’t even like cranberry sauce.”

Other students prefer non-traditional Thanksgiving deserts, such as peach cobbler and red velvet cake.

“I love banana pudding and blueberry crunch,” junior Dennis Stewart said.

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