Field of Dreams: a Texan Collection

Dian Malouf, a fourth-generation Texan, began designing her bold silver and gold pieces in 1986. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, In Style and Women’s Wear Daily.

Her newest collection, “Field of Dreams,” predominantly features oversized silver pieces, including “Ride On,” a four-inch-long ring in the shape of the horse.

“Nothing I do is subtle – everything I do shows up,” Malouf said. “That’s why we live in Texas. If we live here, we want it to show.”

Malouf has designed over 10,000 pieces since creating her first piece for herself over 30 years ago. Owners of her jewelry include Oprah Winfrey and Elton John.

“When I took my first designs to this jeweler in Santa Fe, the man took my rings to the back and left me alone for 30 minutes,” Malouf said. “He came back and told me, ‘I just sold these two [designs],’ and I had the nerve to say, ‘without asking me first?’ I ended up selling them at the price I paid for them, with no profit whatsoever.”

The designer’s interest in art extends beyond jewelry design. Malouf took various art classes at SMU under Jerry Bywaters and Dan Wingren while living in Dallas.

“Bywaters and Wingren inspired my life,” Malouf said. “I feel so honored that I’m so close to SMU. It’s just a good place, and I just enjoy the association.”

Her work is sold at trunk shows around Texas and for purchase on her website.

“To me, my jewelry has a look that’s not overly polished,” Malouf said. “It has a look of antiquity; it doesn’t look like you just bought this.”

For more inquires on “Field of Dreams,” call 214-520-3123 ext. 112 or email

“If someone wears a piece of jewelry, they either want it to be identifiable or to relate to it in some way,” Malouf said. “It’s not just to put on your finger and to look good. You’ve got to have a connection somewhere. That, to me, is what ‘Field of Dreams’ is about.”