‘Frack’ opens the floor for SMU theatre this weekend

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The buzz about fracking has been pretty loud this year, and it has only further echoed. Even for people who have no interest in politics, particularly those involving the environment and the economy, they have more than likely heard the

term “frack.”

Dylan Guerra, a sophomore theatre major at SMU, is bringing the issue of fracking into the spotlight –– as a play.

“This play is addressing fracking as a human element,” Guerra said. “It mainly follows how fracking as an industry affects our moral structure as as society.”

“Frack” will be Guerra’s second full-length play produced here at SMU, though he has been playwriting for years.

“Frack” is “a lot more massive of a play,” according to Guerra, and is the the recipient of the prestigious Meadows Exploration Grant.

The play, which includes elements of romance, violence, music and undeniable Greek undertones, is fracking fresh.

The story centers around a community in which a magical child tree’s existence is threatened by the green-greedy fracturing drills that have come to town.

If the Greek stories of Apollo and Daphne or Athena have ever fallen into your lap, you might see a rooted connection between “Frack” and these Greek greats.

“My emphasis in Greek theatre is tell classics through a contemporary lens,”
Guerra said.

Guerra is taking current politics and placing them on stage as a current production with inspiration of the past. The controversy of fracking is personal to Guerra, and playwriting is his form of opinion on the issue.

This weekend, SMU’s Greer Garson Theatre will serve as the main stage for “Frack.” Three showtimes span over two days, beginning Saturday at 8 p.m. and finishing up Sunday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Visit the Meadows website for ticket pricing.

“The main question of ‘Frack’ is whether or not it’s worth –– how much of the past is worth letting go of to make room for progress,” Guerra said.

Check out ‘Frack’ on Facebook, or receive updates from the penman for the script himself, on Instagram at instagram.com/dylanguerra.

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