Going abroad through SMU

Scotland in 2016. Photo credit: Merrit Stahle

While living in a different country may seem daunting, SMU eases the transition through its five-week summer study abroad programs. SMU has over 20 programs worldwide during which, in addition to taking classes, students can participate in summer research programs and internships.

Summer programs are offered across the globe, from places like Bali, China and Japan to France, Germany, or Italy. Students can even obtain honors credits in SMU-in-Rome-Paris and SMU-in-Oxford.

Some students believe studying abroad changed their lives, especially SMU junior Sarah Leupold who is currently in Barcelona.

“I’m so much more independent, and traveling the world has been the best time of my life,” Leupold said.

Students can take a wide variety of classes abroad. For example, SMU-in-Bali courses include World Music and Arts, Arts of Bali and a physical fitness yoga course. On the other hand, SMU-in-Seville offers courses where students learn how to conduct business in Spanish.

While students work hard in class, they also have many opportunities to explore the city’s culture. Many of these programs also offer weekend excursions. SMU-in-London includes a weekend trip to Scotland and two free weekends during which students can choose to visit another city of their choice or stay in London. SMU-in-Japan includes a one-day trip to Kyoto as well as guest lectures by executives such as JR Central, Nintendo and ORIX.

If students want a laid-back atmosphere, SMU-in-Costa-Rica is in Heredia, a college town. Students there study Spanish Language and Latin American Culture at National State University and have the opportunity to explore beaches and Costa Rican villages in their free time.

SMU students are able to see the landmarks of other countries on the weekends. SMU Junior Merrit Stahle took this while studying abroad in London on 2016. Photo credit: Merrit Stahle

Studying abroad is not all about coursework, as students have the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture and visit some of the most historically significant places in the world.

“My abroad experience has honestly changed my outlook on life,” Leupold said.

Applications will be accepted Nov. 15 through Feb. 1 on the SMU Abroad website.

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