Gorillaz, Sylvan Esso and HAIM top this week’s newest releases

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Gorillaz tops the list for this week’s new releases with their star-studded album, “Humanz”. Other highlights include a new album from Sylvan Esso, a Foster the People EP, and more.

“Submission” by Gorillaz (feat. Danny Brown & Kelela): “Submission” is only one of 26 songs featured on Gorillaz’s stacked album, “Humanz”. The record includes features from the likes of Danny Brown, Vince Staples, D.R.A.M. Grace Jones, and many others. “Submission” is led by singer Kelela until she croons, “that’s all I got” halfway through and rapper Danny Brown jumps in. The single incorporates pulsing beats layered with claps and synth.

Photo credit: Official HAIM Facebook page

“Right Now” by HAIM: The Haim sisters are back with their first new song since 2013, shared on YouTube. “Right Now” is more subdued than the trio’s 2013 hit, “Falling”, beginning with a simple high-pitched note on the piano and ending with sharp drum beats. The video documents the song unfolding piece by piece: first, Danielle Haim on lead vocals and keys, then the camera pans to reveal Este on the bass, and finally shows Alana as she strums the first chords of the song.

“The Glow” by Sylvan Esso: The electro-Indie pop duo released their new album, “What Now”, today following their 2014 self-titled record. Sylvan Esso became popular with their laid-back hit, “Coffee”. The band incorporated more natural sounds this time around, blending the tinny tones of an acoustic guitar with overlapping drum and synth in songs like “The Glow” and “Song”. In “The Glow”, Singer Amelia Clarke hums over short, choppy beats that build into muti-layered chorus.

“S.H.C.” by Foster the People: Foster the People of “Pumped Up Kicks” fame are back this week with a new three-song EP, “III”. “S.H.C. is the upbeat dance track that closes out the EP, calling back to familiar rolling guitar and melodic vocals. The song breaks down two minutes in as atmospheric synth plays behind lead singer Mark Foster’s harmonies. It quickly picks up with Foster repeating “do you want to live forever?”.

“J-Boy” by Phoenix: The French pop group is back after their third album, “Bankrupt!”, with a sparkly, electronic-fueled single. Vocalist Thomas Mars speaks the first verse as listeners are met with a swath of synth. “J-Boy” is a slower, more mellow dance track with a catchy chorus that fuels the rest of the song.

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