Great Crumpkin to creep back to campus

The annual music and film festival, The Great Crumpkin, held outside Crum Commons is creeping back up on SMU students.

Every fall the residential hall hosts an event where students can showcase their musical talents and horror film creations. Students can also enjoy free food, drinks, t-shirts, and pumpkin carving! It is held during the week of Halloween and is free of charge.

Crum’s website publishes the history of the event under their file of various traditions. The commons plays on the wording of the film, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and puts its own twist to the meaning.

Dean Martin Camp, the Faculty in Residence of Crum Commons said, “it is just a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season on campus with friends.”

Camp continued, “Since the very first year of the Commons the Great Crumpkin has been our event for the entire school.”

Everyone is invited, making it a place to meet new people and perhaps showcase some musical or film talents.

The Great Crumpkin is a historically well-planned production that gives students a homey feel, even if they are thousands of miles away from home. The RAs, Residential Community Director and Faculty in Residence put in their own time and effort to make the atmosphere inviting, cozy, and autumnal. They only provide guidance and help with planning. “From the beginning it has been student organized and run… it gives student leadership opportunities and organizational skills,” Dean Camp said. “It is definitely worth the time and effort.”