Helen Suzman Human Rights Exhibit opens at Meadows

SMU students view facts about Helen Suzman. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Meyer.

Members of the SMU community gathered in the Bob Hope Lobby Wednesday afternoon as the exhibit for human rights activist Helen Suzman made its SMU premiere.

The exhibit, which will be on SMU’s campus until Feb. 20, gives students and staff the opportunity to look at the life of South American Helen Suzman, who is often viewed as the female counterpart to Nelson Mandela when it comes to civil rights and anti-apartheid.

In attendance of the opening reception was Marla Teyolia, the Associate Director of the National Center for Arts Research and External Affairs. She believes that the timing of the event was perfect for SMU.

“It is exciting to have an exhibit about someone who is strong in her beliefs, and it provides a strong connection to SMU’s dream week,” Teyolia said. “This will inspire students and the general SMU community at large to fight for what they believe in.”

The group of about 20 people in attendance at the opening came from all different backgrounds, which Teyolia believes helps enhance the exhibit.

“It is critical for different kinds of people to come to the exhibit so they can learn how to make a change in the world,” she said.

The exhibition is currently on a North Texas tour, with SMU being the third stop. Once it leaves the Hilltop, it will head to UT Dallas starting Feb. 23.

For more information about Helen Suzman and her exhibition, visit the Helen Suzman exhibition website.

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