It’s gonna get “Hot In Herre”

Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., otherwise known as the Grammy-winning artist “Nelly,” is coming to SMU Oct. 20. The hip-hop icon, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and actor will be performing at Moody Coliseum, presented by SMU Program Council in 15 days. How does one prepare?

Here are the steps you should take to have the best SMU Concert yet. So have no “Dilemma,” yes you can “Die a Happy Man,” and no this isn’t “Just a Dream,” because it’s about to get “Hot In Herre.”

Start listening to Nelly’s hits

Nelly has been cranking out jams since 2000 when he released his first album “Country Grammar.” Nelly is still making headlines today in 2016, even though it may be because he is going broke, but hey, who doesn’t have their bad days? Check out his hits so you can sing along at the concert, starting with some of his chart-toppers.

  • “Hot In Herre”
  • “The Fix”
  • “Ride Wit Me”
  • “Dilemma”
  • “Country Grammar”
  • “Just A Dream”
  • “Girllz” (my own personal favorite, if I do say so myself)

Watch some movies and TV shows he was in because, why not?

Not only does Nelly continue to grace us with his voice and beats, but he is a man of many talents, having appeared on-screen. Not only did he appear in multiple episodes of CSI:NY during 2008-9, but watch him in “The Longest Ride,” a movie for which he was nominated for “Best Breakthrough Performance” at the MTV Awards.

  • Don’t forget to look up some of his most epic music videos (the black and white cinematic choices in “Just A Dream” are just inspirational).
    “Hot in Herre”

  • “Just A Dream”

  • “Over and Over” ft. Tim McGraw (Who doesn’t love a music video featuring both these iconic artists?)

Re-visit your favorite early-2000s fashion choices

How else are you supposed to dress at a Nelly concert?

If you don’t remember the iconic time of the early 2000s, I beg you to think about the ground-breaking fashion choices that graced the world just about the time that Nelly’s first album came out. Please, can we all just take a second to remember how girls wore neckties with graphic t-shirts, chunky highlights and frosted tips, halter tops, dresses over jeans, popped collars, patchwork denim jackets, baggy pants, studded belts and tight shell necklaces? Let’s bring it all back for this concert, people!

Lastly? Apparently Nelly is a vegetarian, so make sure to eat those greens before the concert to get ready for a Nelly-filled night.

Be sure to make all your friends jealous and RSVP to the Facebook event!


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