Joke’s on us: What to expect on the day of the unexpected


Today is take-two for Halloween, but it’s a little more trick and a lot less treat: it’s April Fools Day. If people are already prone to falling for everything on the Internet, it may be best they take an Amish approach to the day. Historically, this day has been a celebrated day of tomfoolery, extending all the way back to the 16th century. Fast forward to today, five hundred years later, technology has really cranked up the heat. Here’s a break down of all the greatest jokes so far today.


  • Google may be the leading fools of today. They attempted two jokes, one poking fun at their own invention, and the other which created a major backlash with their users. Google released the Google Cardboard Plastic… a spinoff of their high selling item Google Cardboard, which allows users to experience virtual reality. The plastic version… allows users to see what is actually around them: reality. In the second prank, Google, the parent company of Gmail, inserted a “Minion Mic-drop GIF” in all emails. It did spark some laughter, until corporate/ serious emails were also GIFed.
  • Sony wanted in on the action too. They announced the “release” of the first Proton Pack. It’s function: to capture ghosts. They added the special feature of being slime proof. Don’t worry, we have alerted Casper.


  • While recovering from Homebar activities last night, Netflix may seem like a great remedy. Notice anything different? Actor John Stamos has taken over the categories, to make them all about him.
  • Gwen Stefani didn’t want to miss out on the fun. She used the bad publicity she’s been getting from her relationship with co-star Blake Shelton (from NBC’s The Voice) to her advantage. The No Doubt rock star announced that she is pregnant, with Shelton’s baby girl! At 46 years old, that would be a miracle baby for sure.


  • Air BnB released its most exclusive getaway: rent your own lair. The locations are convenient, they have all the amenities any super hero (or villain) would need, and still come with all the luxuries expected from an Air BnB

As the day goes on, people are sure the Internet will be providing the world with some more jokes. Remember: trust no one. Happy April Fools!

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