Last Call for Study Abroad

With only two days left to apply for the January 2023 abroad programs, Education Abroad Coordinator Kathleen Gaskins, implores students to experience a new way of learning.

Options for the January 2023 abroad term include SMU-in-Madrid: Arts and Culture and SMU-in-Mediterranean: Europe & the Islamic World. Gaskins emphasizes the importance of going abroad to understand how education systems work in different parts of the world.

“I completely understand if you don’t want to miss fall, you don’t want to miss football season, or you don’t want to miss being with your friends on campus,” Gaskins said.

Going abroad in January means students avoid missing out on some of their favorite school traditions.

In the Madrid program, students learn about Spanish art history and religion within a course range of 400 years. In the Mediterranean program, students are immersed in the academic and cultural experiences of France, Morocco, and Spain.

Gaskins reminisces on one of her favorite experiences while studying abroad in London when she was a student. While waiting in line for tickets at the national theatre, she had a two-hour-long conversation with a professor discussing the difference between American and London education systems.

“Understanding what it’s like studying abroad and the differences in cultures, and what that looks like when it applies to academics is very interesting,” Gaskins said.

SMU senior Kate Scharfenberger studied abroad in Barcelona in the Spring of 2022. Looking back, she said she appreciated the experience.

“Although I went abroad with a group of my friends, I still was able to separate myself from a familiar environment and focus on the culture around me,” Scharfenberger said. “As cliché as it sounds, it was truly the best experience of my life.”

Applications can be found on the SMU Abroad website. The abroad center can be found on the second floor of the Laura Lee Blanton building in room 216.