Learn to cross stitch at Stitch N’ Bitch

Cross stitching is one of the oldest forms of embroidery that can be found all over the world. The earliest known cross stitch design in the United States dates back to the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. Student Meredith McBee has brought cross stitching to the SMU campus and put a youthful twist on your grandma’s favorite craft.

“I happened upon an article, probably Buzzfeed or something, about cross stitching and looked it up. It seemed easy and the next thing I know, I was at Michaels buying all the supplies. I was addicted to it and stitching four hours a day,” said McBee.

After McBee continued stitching, her friends kept asking her to teach them. She did not have time to teach everyone individually, so she invited them over to her dorm to learn. Meredith hosts Stitch n’ Bitch once a month. Her friends venmo her for supplies and she teaches them basic patterns, they eat food, and watch movies.

Since Meredith started Stitch N’ Bitch, it has grown into a monthly event of more than 20 people. She even hosts cross stitching events at different sororities and other organizations on campus.

“It’s fun to see all friends come together, because it’s truly somebody from every different spectrum of SMU hanging out and getting together. It’s a nice common ground,” said attendee Ericka Koenigsberg.