Let’s do the “Time Warp” again


“Rocky Horror Picture Show” is not for the faint of heart. The cult classic that has developed a rabid following has made its way to the Wylie Theater and, though “Rocky Horror” virgins should leave their qualms behind, it is all the best parts of cross-dressing, campy 70s odyssey.

The Dallas Theater Center’s interpretation of the beloved musical brings the fun of fan participation and incredible singing to the stage. Even for those that don’t know how to do the “Time Warp,” the musical is a raucous party.

As usual, the company takes the well-known play and twists it into something familiar but at the same time innovative. Mixing the band with the actors, filming the show and adding the age-old “Rocky Horror” props to the show makes this rendition a show that cannot be misses.

While each actor is perfectly cast (shout out to Dan Domenech as Frank-n-Furter and Walter Lee as Columbia), it’s the set and costuming that truly shine. Perfect wigs and costumes take the absurdity of the show to the next level while riffing off the original clothes.

In such a small space, the company and set make the stage intimate, roaming through the aisles and grinding on unsuspecting theater-goers. Plan to participate and leave your judgment at the door.

Forty years after the original show’s Broadway premiere, Dallas Theater Center continues to reinvent this already incredible production. Go see “Rocky Horror” and then go see it again.

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