Local company YUMIX redefines portable cocktails

YUMIX, based in Dallas, shakes things up with their innovative ready-to-go cocktail. The bottle has two chambers separating the mix from the alcohol, allowing for a refreshing drink from any location. There are three flavors currently on the market: “Margarita,” “Orange Mango” and “Sea Breeze” (cranberry and grapefruit with vodka).

YUMIX Orange Mango flavor. Photo courtesy of YUMIX. Photo credit: YUMIX

Founder and CEO Alex Garner created YUMIX to be a tasty and convenient option for anyone, from cocktail-lovers to those just needing something quick for a party. The idea came to Garner nearly a decade ago. Taking a huge financial risk, he decided to take the plunge and back the product that he believed in. Though the journey has been far from easy, his product is growing and gaining popularity.

Hannah Hashemi is a part-time student. The time not spent at school she dedicates to her job. With little free time, Hashemi expressed that finding time to unwind at the bar or even at friend’s apartment can be difficult. She tried YUMIX (Margarita) and shared her thoughts.

“Tequila is not my favorite, but this is good and easy to drink,” Hashemi said. “I could imagine bringing this to a party. Just pick up a pack and I’m set.”

YUMIX can be purchased in Total Wine & More stores across Texas, along with other retailers.