‘Masterminds’ brings on the laughs

The true story of David Ghantt and one of the largest bank heists in U.S. history has been brought to life in “Masterminds.” Zach Galifianakis plays Ghantt, a plucky southerner who isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. He is persuaded to rob the bank he works for by Steve and Kelly, played by Owen Wilson and Kristen Wiig. Ghantt, head over heels for Kelly, agrees and so begins a series of extenuating circumstances, each more hilarious than the last.

This film most likely won’t provide the emotional substance that a lot of moviegoers crave but it absolutely makes up for it in laughter. The ensemble cast has perfect chemistry and works together to create an insane tale of the most unlikely criminals imaginable. Whether it’s Steve celebrating his new wealth by purchasing adult braces, David using anaconda eye contacts as a disguise or the countless mishaps along the way, “Masterminds” never fails to bring a laugh.

The two highlights of the film are in the performances of Kate McKinnon and Jason Sudeikis. McKinnon plays Jandice, Ghantt’s scorned ex-fiancé who isn’t the most stable person. It’s possible to count on one hand how many times she blinks throughout the entire film. The blank faced but clearly insane Jandice steals every scene she’s in, especially the montage of wedding photos her and Ghantt take in the opening of the film.

The movie really picks up with the introduction of Sudeikis’ character, Mike McKinney, an assassin hired by Steve to kill Ghantt. McKinney has a happy go lucky attitude about his murder and has no problem displaying it. Chasing after Ghantt through the streets of Mexico with a spear is an indication of his “love for the hunt,” as he calls it. The evolving relationship between the two men becomes one of the most interesting and hilariously unexpected of the entire film.

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