Meadows Museum Family Day brings light to Dallas on rainy day

A stormy Saturday can easily lead to boredom and binge-watching, but the Meadows Museum Family Day offered a livelier alternative on Saturday, April 13.

The event, which was part of Founders’ Day Weekend, offered free artistic and educational activities to Dallas families. The rain caused two other Founders’ Weekend events to be rescheduled, but the Meadows Museum Family Day gave locals and their children a chance to make the most out of the gloomy weather.

Dimple Sureka, a Dallas parent, said bringing her children to the museum made for a perfect rainy day, without electronics or other distractions.

“I just love that they have activities that we can all do together,” Sureka said. “A little bit different from what we do at home, so it makes it interesting for all of us.”

The Meadows Museum Education Programs Manager, Anne Kindseth, planned numerous kid-friendly activities such as scavenger hunts, storytelling, printmaking, and other engaging crafts.

“We’re looking to establish this idea that museums are fun and active places for learning,” Kindseth said. “It’s not a place where you have to come and be quiet. You don’t have to come and be right. You can explore, you can play, you can look at works of art.”

Delia Everman, a docent at the museum, brought her two grandchildren to the festivities. She said that she believes the arts are often overlooked in schools.

So frequently, we spend our time making sure kids are involved in sports, which is a good thing,” Everman said. “But I want them involved in the arts. I want them creating.”

Dimple Sureka said she hopes SMU will continue to host creative, family-oriented events in the future so that her children can learn more about the arts and its role in the community.

“It’s nice to show them from an early age that it’s just something fun and can be individually rewarding as well as community building, family building,” Sureka said.