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Must Do’s at SMU

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The sun is blazing, the bugs are buzzing and the foot traffic on the Boulevard is at a minimum. Summer is in session and while it’s a time of rest and relaxation for most of the student body, it’s also a time of eager exuberance for those that are about to embark on their college careers. The class of 2021 is on their way to the Hilltop and to help them start their year of right, we put together a few of the best attractions SMU has to offer.

The Tanning Pool: One of SMU’s seasonal attractions is the infamous tanning pool. Outside of Dedman Center, it’s an oasis covered with lawn chairs and students with a sparkling pool to wade in. A small waterfall cascades over the edge perfectly completing the serene scene. It’s a great place to get some homework done, chat with friends, relax after a workout and of course, get a tan.

Mac’s Place: SMU has multiple dining options on campus, each with their own perks. None quite reach the popularity of Mac’s Place, the little bistro behind the McElvaney residential commons. The shop has a decent section of food and groceries, as well as freshly made burgers, chicken tenders, pizza and more. It’s convenient, fun and most importantly, tasty.

Meadows Museum: One of the somehow underrated gems of SMU is the lauded Meadows Museum. Housing the largest collection of Spanish art outside of Spain, the museum has plenty of impressive works to spend hours with. On the outside it is surrounded by a gorgeous garden and modern sculptures. The museum is a can’t-miss feature of the SMU campus.

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum: Arguably SMU’s most famous installment, the Bush Library is an enormous and expansive building, highlighting George W. Bush’s time in office. There are multiple engaging exhibits, including a recreation of the Oval Office.

Boulevarding: SMU’s most exhilarating pastime is known as “boulevarding.” In a sense it’s the school’s unique version of tailgating but it’s so much more than that. Tents line the boulevard from Dallas Hall all the way to Ford Stadium, filled with alumni, students, local companies and members of rival schools. There are drinks, food, activities and more. It’s something that each student looks forward to every year.

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