New films to look out for this April

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By Will Kastner

On the cusp of the Summer movie season, April usually has some pretty good flicks. Yet most of these movies are overshadowed by the big releases that follow close behind. This April is no different. While movies such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Pitch Perfect 2” are preparing for their box office splash, there are some intriguing films in April that you may want to look in to until then. The following are just four of a number of compelling films coming out this month.

“The Water Diviner”

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An Australian farmer (Russell Crowe), with an uncanny ability to find water in the desert, is devastated when he hears news that his three sons have been killed in a war in Turkey. He travels to Turkey in order to find his sons’ bodies and bury them at home. However, when he gets there, he finds out that one of his sons is not dead, but has been taken as a prisoner of war.

“Child 44”

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Set in the Stalin-era Soviet Union, a military police officer (Tom Hardy) uncovers a series of child murders that have been overlooked by the state. When his knowledge of the murders becomes public, the government claims such crimes do not happen, and they exile him. He is left to find the serial killer with only his wife’s assistance. Though Tom Hardy’s Russian accent is unbearably close to his now-famous Bane voice, this movie looks to be extremely entertaining.

“Ex Machina”

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A young programmer working for the largest internet company in the world wins the opportunity to visit the reclusive CEO of the company. When he arrives at his employer’s hidden estate, he finds that he was actually chosen to be a participant in an experiment testing the most advanced A.I. system known. The A.I. has been installed into a seemingly beautiful robot. However, as he develops feelings for this robot, she tells him that everything his employer says is a lie.

“True Story”

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Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill), a recently-fired journalist looking for work, receives news that Chirstian Longo (James Franco), an FBI Most Wanted individual, had been living under Finkel’s name for some time. When Finkel visits Longo in prison, Longo promises to reveal every detail of his story, but only to Finkel. Finkel begins to spend a lot of time with Longo. However, when people close to Finkel begin to think that Longo is using him as part of a bigger plan, his life begins to collapse.

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