New Music Highlights: Paramore, Dua Lipa, and MØ

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Artists loved the synthesizer this week. The ’80s trend was in full swing with the release of Paramore’s Talking Heads inspired jam, Bleachers’ dance single, and more.

The trio on the set of their music video. Photo credit: Paramore Facebook page.

“Hard Times” by Paramore: Paramore is back from the dead with their first single since 2013, “Hard Times”. The track goes to show that these alt-rock veterans are musical chameleons, always shifting their sound while still making it sound as genuine. “Hard Times” is an ’80s synth-pop dream, complete with the bouncy riffs reminiscent of their 2013 hit “Ain’t It Fun”, that has the makings of yet another chart-topping hit. Along with the new song, Paramore dropped a retro music video, new tour dates and an album release date (May 12).

“Lost in Your Light” by Dua Lipa feat. Miguel: U.K. pop singer Dua Lipa brought Miguel along for the ride in her catchy new single, “Lost in Your Light.” The track, which will also appear on her debut self-titled album this June, features pumping beats backed by a synthesizer. Dua Lipa came to the pop forefront in her EDM collaboration with Martin Garrix for “Scared to Be Lonely”, which has racked up over 200 million plays on Spotify.

“Silver” by Waxahatchee: Indie rocker Waxahatchee dropped her first single from her upcoming album, “Out in the Storm”, this past Tuesday. “Silver” is made up of layered guitar and vocals that give her music an atmospheric, down to earth quality. Katie Crutchfield, the woman behind Waxahatchee, croons about a transformation until she reaches the chorus, which is simply a string of “Oooh”s that have the listener singing along.

“Hate That You Know Me” by Bleachers: Vocalist Jack Antonoff is not unfamiliar with the ’80s kick that many alt artists are on, evident in his new track “Hate That You Know Me”. The song opens with a pumping drumbeat and synth that drives Antonoff’s vocals. Carly Rae Jepsen backs the chorus, lamenting that “I hate that you know me so well.”

“Nights With You” by MØ: Pop powerhouse MØ released another new single that leaves people singing along by the end. “Nights With You” opens up with a strong horn that repeats throughout the song. MØ comes in, her melodic “ohs” carrying the song. Her vocals are as strong as ever in this soon-to-be hit.

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