Outside the bubble: Stage shows both on and off the Hilltop

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The 2013-2014 Dallas theater season is in full swing and several plays are all taking place within minutes of the Hilltop.

Follow Dorothy and her gang down the yellow brick road at the Music Hall at Fair Park for “The Wizard of Oz.” The new production contains all the classics along with new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The play runs from March 18 – 30. Tickets cost $25 – $90.

Another play coming to Dallas is “Gideon’s Knot.” The play begins in a 5th grade classroom, a mother and her son’s teacher have a uncomfortable conversation about Gideon and who he was as a child. Over the course of the play, the women try to find an explanation for his behavior and suicide. The play, by Johnna Adams, runs from March 28 to April 26 at the Kitchen Dog Theater. Tickets are $30 for opening nights and $20 after April 4.

It’s a historical night at the Cleveland Opera Company and world-famous Tito Morelli is to perform in “Otello.” The slapstick comedy, “Lend me a Tenor,” is directed by Carol M. Rice and revolves around Morelli accidentally taking a double dose of tranquilizers. Written by Ken Ludwig, the play follows the chaos and coverups that occur after Morelli is thought to be dead. The play runs until Saturday at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre. Tickets are $10-$20.

Here on the Hilltop…

“Am I Blue,” directed by Becca Rothstein, comes back to SMU 40 years after its premiere. The play, by theatre graduate and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Beth Henley, tells the story of two troubled teens from different walks of life coming together and sharing their story on a rainy night in 1968 in the New Orleans French Quarter. Admission is free and the play is located in Room B150 of Meadows.

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