Real Housewives crash Kappa watch party

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by Melissa Mitrovich-Wong

Last Monday, a group of girls on campus got the fan experience of a lifetime when three housewives from the “Real Housewives of Dallas” (RHOD) showed up on their front doorstep.

Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, and Stephanie Hollman showed up just in time at Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house to crash their viewing party of this week’s RHOD episode.

The show is popular among SMU students because many students enjoy seeing places they frequent being used as filming locations, such as Mutts Cantina and The Rustic. Before walking in, several members spotted the housewives and could be seen excitedly jumping up and down in the windows. Dressed in pajamas and with homework on the tables, this visit came as a complete surprise to members.

This was unlike the other parties the housewives crashed, because while the others were hosted at private homes, this one was on a college campus. The housewives brought RHOD-themed cookies along with them, and chatted with the girls about the show and where they were from. The visit ended with a group photo throwing up the Kappa hand sign.

The housewives brought in cookies for the Kappas to enjoy. Photo credit: Kylie Madry

The week before, Deuber, Hollman and Redmond mentioned on their Instagram pages an opportunity for DFW-based viewers to apply to have their viewing party crashed.

KKG member Madeline Whitacre summed up the excitement in the house, saying, “we were overwhelmed with excitement because we weren’t expecting to be chosen, and even more excited when we found out we were one of the four houses chosen out of the 175 entries.”

For future reference, the housewives can bust through my front door any day — no invite needed.

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