Reckless Kelly plays with twang, soul for loyal Texas country music fans in Dallas

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In front of a rowdy crowd at Dallas’ own Granada theatre, Austin, Texas based group Reckless Kelly took the back roads of country music to a whole new level.

Their performance illustrated this with a new cross-breed of honky-tonk roots and soulful rock ‘n’ roll.

Reckless Kelly’s sound is a beating punch with the slow and raw voice of lead singer Willy Braun.

The band’s loyal, hard-core fan base proved that the sound has gotten something right with its listeners.

Braun’s edgy voice was accompanied with the amazing guitar sounds of David Abeyta and steady drumming of Jay Nazz, blending into a soulful and meaningful sound.

While Reckless Kelly played new tracks from their latest “Good Luck” and “True Love,” it was a noticeable contrast from past albums.

The audience was loyal and loud as it sang along to its favorites from the band’s past and present. Like most Texas country music lovers, the fans were in Reckless Kelly shirts, usually accompianed by some sort of cowboy boot.

Tracks from “Good Luck and True Love” have a more tamed and cogitative sound but still deliver, showing that Reckless Kelly is open to experimentation, and finding true success with such leaps of faith.

Older songs performed, such as “Hard Fight to Win,” proved to be one of those contrasts. Yet also being a declaration that there’s something at the core of Reckless Kelly’s heart — the rawness gutted out on stage and into their music.

The band impressively never strays far from its roots, and offers emotional credibility recorded and on stage. 

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