Sablon Chocolate Lounge is chocolate lover’s dream

by Matthew Jackson

Sablon Chocolate Lounge in the West Village is filled to the brim with chocolate delectables of every kind, from chocolate crepes to chocolate fondue to even chocolate pizza, making it the perfect spot for chocolate-lovers in Dallas. The menu includes an impressive variety of chocolate confections, along with some non-chocolate options including paninis, tea and coffee.

It took me a minute to settle on what I wanted because of the sheer amount of available selections. In the end, I went with two Hazelnut Crepes, served with vanilla ice cream and strawberries, and a Classic “Chocotail” made from French cocoa, which brought me to about $25 (including a tip). For a restaurant where most of the menu consisted of high quality desserts, this price seemed reasonable.

Upon entering the restaurant, the ambiance was immediately noticeable. The lighting was comfortably dim, and the space within the restaurant was cozy but not claustrophobia-inducing. There were people at almost every table, but the space didn’t feel cramped. The restaurant had standard restaurant chairs and tables, along with some low lounge chairs for those who wanted more room. My food arrived after a short wait.

Beauty is in the eye of the frappista-holder.

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The food at Sablon, in one word, is rich. The hazelnut spread sunk into the flaky crust of the crepes perfectly, and the combination was considerably thick. The Chocotail, which had the consistency of a milkshake, complemented the thickness of the crepes. The refreshing sweetness of the Chocotail proved to be the perfect way to finish off a few bites of the dense crepes. Once the crepes were gone, I moved on to the cool, vanilla ice cream and the fresh strawberries, which were served in small plastic cups and topped off my meal nicely.

The crepes, ice cream and strawberries were all delicious, but above all else, the Chocotail was the meal’s highlight. Topped with a smooth and gingerly placed chocolate syrup, it possessed the thinness and richness of a typical milkshake. However, the Classic Chocotail is no ordinary milkshake. In fact, the Chocotail’s thin and rich properties combine in a way that made it noticeably different. The kind of taste and consistency found in the Chocotail stands out from the usual fast-food place shake in an extraordinary way.

Throughout the meal, the staff remained accommodating and ensured that every customer’s dining experience was comfortable and easy. The lighting and the general calmness of the restaurant created a relaxing environment that allowed for serene eating. All these qualities made Sablon a restaurant worth trying out.

Other SMU students who plan on visiting should find the experience agreeable. Finding parking near the restaurant is easy, and the location is about a 5- to 10-minute drive from campus. Students looking for something quick to eat can stop in for a panini with some tea or come in to satisfy their dessert cravings after eating out.

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