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In an age of sequels, it doesn’t seem like Hollywood is capitalizing on any original creativity these days. But with round two of “Zoolander,” Tim Burton’s “Alice and Wonderland,” “Magic Mike” and “Jurassic Park” on their way to theaters in the coming years (did we mention “Finding Dory?”) there are a few sequels that we’re dying to see in the theaters. There may not even be a twinkle in a director’s eye, but a movie-loving Mustang can dream, right?


It’s a cult classic that needs to be reinvented for a new generation. The Broadway musical has sated our psychopathic high school desires, but we’re ready for a new addition to the teenage dramas of today.


The “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” of 2004 channeled classic Tarrentino. While Bill won’t likely make an appearance, the return of Uma Thurman as The Bride on a second bloodthirsty mission wouldn’t disappoint.


“This Is The End” gave us a taste of what “Pineapple Express 2” could big like. Well, if it were filmed in a fallout shelter. But that little peek was enough to remind us just how much we want to see more of Dale and Saul’s stoner antics.


Ok, ok. We’ll quiet down once Lorelai and Rory hit Netflix in early October but while we wait, we’ll dream of the day when our favorite mother-daughter pair hit the big screen. Did Rory and Jess ever get back together? We can only imagine.

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