Simple diet hacks to get you ‘Miss America’ ready

Miss Georgia, aka Betty Cantrell, has officially been crowned Miss America 2016.

On Sunday night, millions of people watched as gorgeous women from every state battled it out to earn the title of Miss America. The night was filled with flowing gowns, big hair and some of the smoothest skin you’ve ever seen. While it may be too late for some us to learn how to dance like Miss Alabama, Meg McGuffin, or sing opera like Cantrell, it’s never to late to learn some of the beauty hacks these women wield to their advantage.

Miss Georgia is Miss America 2016
Betty Cantrell was crowned Miss America 2016 Sunday evening. Photo credit: Courtesy of AP

The women in these pageants live by a very strict diet and workout regime, which is not possible for most of us who are balancing work and school. But making simple diet switches isn’t as difficult. So if you want big, shiny hair or smooth thighs, here are some ways you can get them.

For glowing skin, incorporate olive oil, tomatoes and kale into your diet. The nutrients in these foods do a variety of things for your skin. Olive oil fights the signs of aging, tomatoes help guard your skin against sunburn and kale is packed with Vitamins C and A. Another great food for your skin is dark chocolate. It helps hydrate your skin and promote circulation.

If you want those big, bouncing curls like the contestants have, there are foods for that too. Adding more protein into your diet results in hair growth. Biotin is another vitamin that promotes hair health. Nuts, oats and brown rice are great ways to incorporate more biotin in your diet. So while you may need to get your highlights touched up more often, it’ll be worth it, because everyone will be envious of your flowing locks.

Cellulite is a pesky thing and effects more women then you would think. Incorporating more healthy fat into your diet will help with weight loss and reduce cellulite. Avocados and seeds are healthy fats to try, and spicy food lovers can rejoice, because adding chili powder, peppers and paprika to foods will cause you to eat less, resulting in weight loss and less cellulite. In a few weeks you’ll be ready for the swimsuit portion of the competition.

Simple switches in your diet will get you on the road to becoming the best version of yourself and help you feel good. While you may not be the next Miss America (or Mr. America?) you will be looking good for all your friends to see.

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