Sing Song twerked well

SMU Pi Phi’s Alexandra Cain and Delaney Pouch on stage at Sing Song 2014 representing Miley Cyrus. (Courtesy of Jamie Face)

Sing Song: POP ICONS rocked the McFarlin Auditorium Friday night. The five teams performed mini-musicals inspired by the works of various artists. These artists included Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, P!nk, Kesha and Britney Spears. Each team was named after the artist it would be performing.

Team Britney (Alpha Chi Omega) started off the night with a Cinderella-esque tale. Spears, dissatisfied with her fame, wishes she had never become famous in the first place. By the end of the act, Spears learns to appreciate her life on stage.

Team P!nk (Theta Tau and Lyle School of Engineering) told a story of pirates. A father reads a bedtime story to his daughter while it is being acted out on stage. The story changes according to the little girl’s wishes.

Team Kesha (Delta Gamma and Beta Upsilon Chi) warned of the apocalypse in a caveman society. In the end, the guy got the girl and the village launched a rock into a volanco to stop the explosion.

Team Beyonce (Chi Omega and Sigma Chi) showed an adventurous spring break. While sailing to the Bahamas, the ship crashes on a deserted island, where the students meet Beyonce as a genie.

Team Miley (Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Order) finished the show with a chronicle of Cyrus’ career, taking us on a journey from the innocent Hannah Montana to the rebellious star we know her as today. She fights for freedom from her manager, Mickey Mouse, and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

It’s no surprise that Team Miley took first place. Not only did Alex Atwood have an amazing Mickey Mouse impression, but the choreography was by far the most interesting of all the acts.

However, if I could choose the winner, it would have been a tie between Team P!nk and Team Kesha. Team P!nk had the most creative act, packed with plenty of jokes and puns. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in the story rejecting the changes the narrator made. Meanwhile, Team Kesha’s act was funny and smart. With tons of technobabble to keep science nerds happy, and a love story between a tough woman and a smart guy, what’s not to love? These two teams had the most original acts out of the whole show, and deserved more than second and third place.

Not only did the teams rock the show, the two hosts Kelsey Cordutsky and Ramon Trespalacios entertained the crowd between acts. While the jokes weren’t nearly as good as those in the acts, they still received some laughs.

The hosts took a selfie with President R. Gerald Turner, Executive Director of Student Affairs Jennifer Jones and other administration members in the audience. The highlight of the show was when Trespalacios called on a volunteer from the audience to give him a mohawk. Only a dedicated host would let his head be shaved by
a stranger.

Overall, this year’s Sing Song was entertaining and hilarious. It was worth my $10 and I would happily pay $10 to see it again.

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