SMU Alumni Create SNOWDAY, an Immersive Holiday Experience

Even though it does not look like there are many snow days in the forecast for Dallas, everyone can feel the holiday spirit at SNOWDAY at the Galleria Mall from November 20 through January 3.

SNOWDAY is an 11-room immersive holiday escape where guests can tour and take pictures in each of the unique Christmas themed rooms.

Two SMU alumni, Scot and Kristi Redman are the powerful couple behind the creation of this festive exhibit. This concept was brought to life through the partnership of Motus and the Bayer Brothers, commercial set designers, and art builders.

“It really created this awesome collaboration, and it was really just a ton of sitting around, dreaming up whatever crazy Christmas stuff we could,” Redman said.

Photo credit: Melia Masumoto

The rooms feature references to many different holiday movies and traditions. There is even a live elf-on-a-shelf that people may take a picture with. In another room, hundreds of lights and mirrored walls create the illusion of an endless sea of Christmas illumination.

“I feel like there’s something for everybody,” Redman said.

The planning for SNOWDAY began back in July, with no cold weather in sight, and the build was around 24 hours a day for six weeks.

This year is SNOWDAY’s second season, and the exhibit features completely new designs in all of the rooms.

Also, in order to be COVID-safe, each room is more spread out and equipped with a completely touchless photo system. Guests can scan their wristbands at each station for the self-timing camera to take a picture that will be sent directly to the guests’ phones.

Photo credit: Melia Masumoto

Redman hopes to continue to expand SNOWDAY next year and have multiple Christmas exhibits. He also hopes to have another installation for other creations.

“We sit around dreaming with Bayer Brothers all the time,” Redman said. “We really want to have a permanent installation where we just kind of can do anything we want, and just be creative and have fun.”

With social media already buzzing about the upcoming season, tickets are selling out quickly. Be sure to buy your tickets online so you won’t miss out on the wonderful holiday experience!