SMU grad brings edible cookie dough trend to Dallas

by Melissa Wong

The Dough Dough brings edible cookie dough to Dallas.

After watching edible cookie dough take off in other major cities, SMU alum Gina Ginsburg thought it was time for Dallas to have its own source. Ginsburg came up with The Dough Dough, an edible cookie dough establishment.

The Dough Dough has twelve rotating cookie dough flavors, along with other frozen treats. Customizable flavors are also available upon request.

Ginsburg has drawn inspiration from her great grandmother and grandmother’s recipes to use for her dough.

The Dough Dough offers classic cookie dough flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar. It also offers gluten free options, along with more unique options, coined The Unicorn and Nutella Wipe Out.

The favorite flavor in our office was the classic chocolate chip. The flavor tasted just like homemade cookie dough, without the fear of contracting salmonella poisoning.

Each flavor comes in its own container. Photo credit: Melissa Mitrovich-Wong

Here’s what some of us thought of each flavor:

Chocolate Chip:

“The Original ‘C’ Chocolate Chip flavor nailed it. It tasted exactly like your typical homemade cookie batter. I will definitely be excited for this when the storefront opens.” – Melissa Wong, Managing Editor

“This definitely tasted just like a normal chocolate chip cookie dough. But, isn’t there something special about eating it right out of the mixer?” – Kylie Madry, Editor-in-Chief

Birthday Party:

“The Birthday Party flavor was fun to look at but was a little too sweet for my taste.” – Melissa Wong, Managing Editor

“I liked the sprinkles in this one, but I have to agree — it was a little sweet and I didn’t really like the texture.” – Kylie Madry, Editor-in-Chief

Peanut Buddy:

“The Peanut Buddy flavor reminded me a lot of the Clif Peanut Butter Chocolate energy bar.” – Melissa Wong, Managing Editor

“Kind of reminded me of an energy bar which is good, if you’re into that.” – Jessie Ackerman, Contributing Writer

“We all kind of agreed on it tasting like an energy bar. But why would you eat something so sugary like cookie dough, if you could just eat an energy bar and it be healthier?” – Kylie Madry, Editor-in-Chief

The Dough Dough currently has a storefront in the works, but is offering delivery in select areas (including SMU!) or you can pick it up with advanced notice at their Plano kitchen.

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