SMU’s Student Association of Music Therapy hosts Music Therapy Awareness Week

Rachel Gan’s desire to help people led to her passion for music therapy.

“In being able to do this profession, it is my way of making a difference in somebody’s life for the better,” Gan said.

Gan is the president of SMU’s Student Association of Music Therapy (SAMT), which spread awareness of music therapy for the first time ever this week.

SAMT started off the week strong with a drum circle event on Monday in the Meadows Courtyard. During the event, SAMT discussed a variety of ways that students are creating music therapy interventions and allowed guests to play instruments.

During Tuesday and Wednesday’s events, SAMT hosted a discussion at the Hughes-Trigg West Bridge table in which they explained what music therapy is and answered questions from students. Along with spreading awareness, they also spread the love of pastries with free Krispy Kreme donuts.

Music Therapy Awareness Week finished with an open mic night on Thursday. The event was held in the Meadows Atrium where SAMT members shared stories and songs.

All of the SAMT members have a passion for music therapy, but for different reasons. SAMT brought a sense of their community to students outside of the association during Music Therapy Awareness Week by creating music and memories.

“They’re seeing how these songs are meaningful to people in music therapy because music therapy is not just the music, but also the relationship between therapist and patient,” Gan said.

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